Avoiding Common Botox Issues

August 12, 2011 Posted in: Botox & Fillers, Huntington, NY Plastic Surgery
The application of Botox is a refined skill. Unfortunately, there are some under-qualified nurses that are applying it in spa settings. . You should  be aware of the signs to look for when Botox has been applied incorrectly so you can get the best possible results by finding a qualified plastic surgeon or nurse.

Signs of a Bad Botox Application

It is important to be familiar with the normal results of Botox in order to understand what to expect from the whole experience. Signs of poor administration can include:
  • Drooped eyelid – when this occurs, it is usually because the Botox was administered too close to the muscle of the eyelid. Botox that is applied too close to the cheek muscle will create a similar effect.
  • Drooping eyebrows– this is due to a lack of experience and is not specifically an error with administration. Individuals applying Botox should have the ability to look at the structure of a patient’s forehead and apply the injectables appropriately.
  • Inability to move the mouth properly – when Botox is injected too close to the lip muscle when treating other parts of the face, movement may be inhibited.

Quality Botox Treatments

If you would like to have Botox completed by qualified professionals, visit our clinic. Now that you are familiar with the signs of poor Botox application, you will know what to expect when it is completed with skill.

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