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The Winter/Wrinkle Connection & What You Can Do About It!

While you wouldn’t believe it from looking out your window on a day like today, the harsh winds and bitter cold of winter will eventually be hitting us.  And, as many of us know, winter can take its toll on our skin.  On one of Yahoo’s “Shine” blogs, the folks from are reporting on […]

Anonymous CEO Recounts Her Plastic Surgery Past

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) is reporting on one woman’s account to, in which she describes her long relationship with plastic surgery.  The woman, a 55 year-old CEO who remains anonymous, seems somewhat conflicted with her plastic surgery past.  Still, the ASAPS article reports that “her improved looks…make her feel less […]

Magazine Reports on How the Body Changes Postpartum

An interesting article published online by American Baby Magazine outlines the “9 Ways Your Body Changes After Pregnancy.”  While this piece covers some general changes such as back pain and swollen legs, there was also some very informative material on the way a woman’s breasts and stomach can change postpartum. The American Baby article explains […]

Plastic Surgery with Postpartum Depression?

According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12% of women are moderately depressed after delivering a child. Another 6% report severe depression postpartum. These statistics show just how prevalent postpartum depression is. A depressed state of mind has a large impact on overall mental health, and this can also affect body image. […]

Are There Plastic Surgery Solutions for Stretch Marks?

Many women develop stretch marks due to pregnancy. Often the stretch marks appear on the stomach, hips, and breasts. In most cases, the stretch marks that appear become permanent. Some women embrace these marks as they are marks of motherhood; others would prefer to have them eliminated from their bodies. It is common for women […]

Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

Many women consider plastic surgery to counteract some of the physical changes that occur as a result of pregnancy. Alternately, some women may plan for plastic surgery but find they have to postpone it due to becoming pregnant. Either way, keeping yourself in good health and good shape throughout your pregnancy can make it significantly […]

Is it Safe to Have Fillers While Pregnant?

Pregnancy can go in different directions for different women – some think they look and feel their very best, while others struggle with their physical health (and in turn, their appearance). Both of these categories of pregnant women want to do what they can to maintain their appearance, or take steps to make themselves feel […]

Medi-Spa vs Day Spa

People are often confused about how medi-spas and typical day spas are different. They find it particularly hard to differentiate when many of the facial services are similar. It is important that individuals recognize the key differences when they are considering a procedure. What a Medi-Spa Offers Medical professionals – medical professionals are on hand […]

Preventing Cellulite During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women worry about the development of cellulite, as necessary weight gain increases the likelihood that it will occur. While there are cosmetic ways to eliminate or reduce cellulite later, women can also take steps to prevent it. Tips for Preventing Cellulite These tips can greatly benefit women that are pregnant. However, they can […]

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