Posts From November, 2011

Jessica Simpson to Cash In On Her Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Following in the footsteps of Mariah Carey and others, Jessica Simpson is currently negotiating a lucrative deal to be the next spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Like Carey, Simpson’s goal with the program will be not simply to lose the weight she has put on in past years, but specifically to regain her figure after gaining […]

Groupons for Cosmetic Surgery are Controversial

Groupon in the UK sent out a promotional email to members this week offering them discounted plastic surgery. The deal offered was 5,000 GBP in plastic surgery for just 1,999 GBP.  Patients could choose from a breast augmentation or a rhinoplasty for this cost. Of course, true to Groupon’s typical structure, people interested in having […]

The Last Frontier: Labiaplasty

There are plastic surgery procedures available for most parts of the human body, and now one of the last frontiers is up for consideration. A recent article discusses the rise of labiaplasty – reconstructive surgery for a woman’s labia. When is Labiaplasty Justified? Many surgeons, urologists, and gynecologists have weighed in on this procedure, and […]

Plastic Surgery with Postpartum Depression?

According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 12% of women are moderately depressed after delivering a child. Another 6% report severe depression postpartum. These statistics show just how prevalent postpartum depression is. A depressed state of mind has a large impact on overall mental health, and this can also affect body image. […]

Even Celebrities Get Self-Conscious When Pregnant

Mariah Carey will be unveiling her body-after-baby on the cover of a magazine next week, for the first time. The star has been known for her confidence and skimpy clothing for decades, however, she is now admitting that she didn’t feel her best towards the end of her pregnancy. After gaining 70lbs while carrying her […]

Latisse May Help More than Eyelashes in the Future

It is not uncommon for women to experience changes in their hair during pregnancy. Some find that their hair thickens or curls, others find it straightens, and others still find that their hair thins. It is a common misconception that hair loss and hair thinning only occur to men.  Latisse is a substance that has […]

How Does Microdermabrasion Help Your Skin?

There are a number of ways that day-to-day living can impact the look of your skin. The aging process, the sun, and even hormonal changes during pregnancy can make the skin appear dull or cause blemishes. The world of cosmetic medicine offers a number of solutions, but one option that is non-invasive is microdermabrasion. What […]

Are There Plastic Surgery Solutions for Stretch Marks?

Many women develop stretch marks due to pregnancy. Often the stretch marks appear on the stomach, hips, and breasts. In most cases, the stretch marks that appear become permanent. Some women embrace these marks as they are marks of motherhood; others would prefer to have them eliminated from their bodies. It is common for women […]

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