Posts From July, 2012

“Liquid Facelift” | What’s the Buzz All About?

If you haven’t heard of it by now, you’ll likely hear about it soon – the “liquid facelift.”  The subject of countless magazine articles and TV segments, what’s the buzz really all about?  Here’s a brief introduction. So, is it really a facelift?  No – at least not in the traditional sense.  A liquid facelift […]

Have You Considered an Eyelid Lift? How It Could Make All the Difference!

When we think of plastic surgery, often we’ll only think of the procedures we see in film and television – breast augmentation, nose surgery, BOTOX®, etc.  In reality, plastic surgery offers a host of treatments you may not have heard of.  Suffering from drooping, tired-looking eyes?  We’d like to know, “Have you considered an eyelid […]

Anxious? How It Could Start Showing on Your Face!

Anxiety – we all know it’s not good for our quality of life or our health.  But, have you every considered that anxiety could impact your appearance?  Could excessive fear and worry actually promote the telltale signs of aging – wrinkles, facial sagging, skin discoloration?  It seems that might be the case. Researchers at Boston’s […]

5 Plastic Surgery Myths You Need to Know About

It’s hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing some new show or movie on plastic surgery.  The subject of countless movies, books and primetime specials, cosmetic surgery is definitely something people are thinking about.  Of course – as with all things – movies and TV shows don’t always paint the most true-to-life […]

3 Quick Fix Cosmetic Treatments You Need to Know About

In today’s world, time is at a premium!  Today’s patient wants a way to achieve knock-out results less-invasively and with little or no downtime.  Thankfully, cosmetic medicine has stayed true to the times.  Where in the past, surgery was the only real option for shaving off a few years, today, we can offer a host […]

Have You Heard of the Daddy Do-Overs?

For years, Mommy Makeovers have been a way for new mothers to get closer to their pre-baby bodies.  A typical procedure includes a tummy tuck, liposuction and a breast procedure in keeping with the unique needs of a woman.  Today, many news sites are reporting on an interesting new trend in the world of plastic […]

New Study: Breast Augmentation Surgery Improves Quality of Life

Breast augmentation surgery can affect a woman in many ways – enhancing her appearance, boosting her confidence and making her more comfortable in her own skin.  But, can the procedure measurably improve a woman’s quality of life.  That’s exactly what one new study wanted to find out. Recently published in the July issue of Plastic […]

Starting the Journey | Scheduling Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

It has often been said that “the first step is the hardest to take.”  That notion can ring especially true for those exploring plastic surgery for the first time.  So, what’s holding you back? For many patients, it’s simply a matter of not knowing where to start – not knowing the first step. Rest assured, […]

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