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Using Dermal Fillers to Enhance Facial Appearance and Turn Back Time!

Facial imperfections are common for patients who are aging. This includes fine lines and wrinkles that can impact any area of the face. While Dr. Charlotte Ann Rhee is a board-certified plastic surgeon, she also offers a selection of non-surgical treatments for men and women to consider. This includes two popular cosmetic injectables such as […]

Where Your Fillers go Matters

You may know about fillers and Botox by now, because they are everywhere! So many people are in love with the quick procedure times and the amazing results they get from fillers and Botox. No more lengthy, invasive procedures just to get the results you want. But, we bet you haven’t heard of what we […]

Which Fillers Last The Longest?

Anti-aging efforts can be subtle or a little more dramatic. When it comes to dermal fillers, they tend to sit more in the subtle side of things, especially when you compare them to an invasive surgery like a facelift. Dermal fillers can help smooth skin, give a little more volume, and make you feel more […]

Types of Treatments for Quick Results

There are two types of people. Those who are prepared for months in advance, and will look stunning at every moment. Then there is the other type of person who is hurrying to buy last-minute gifts, never seems to arrive on time, and who looks a little disheveled. Obviously, nobody wants to be the latter. […]

What’s the Best Treatment for My Old Hands?

Have you ever reached out to squeeze a baby’s cheek or kiss your spouse, but stopped because your hands scared you? Trust us, you are not alone. Our hands age just like the rest of our body but, did you know that our hands can actually show a bit more of your age than you […]

Finding The Best Botox Provider For You

Frustrated? Chances are, everyone else can tell. The tone of your voice helps people know when they’re on your last nerve, but so do those little wrinkles in your forehead. If you’ve suddenly found those little wrinkles aren’t going away, you’re not alone. We’re all getting older, but we want to age just a little […]

A Comparison of Dermal Fillers

Many patients of all ages rejuvenate and improve their appearance with dermal fillers. With so many types of fillers to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one will work best for a specific problem or skin type. Here is a guide to the benefits and advantages of some of the most common […]

Top Five Non-Invasive Procedures

While many patients seek a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance, not everyone has the time for invasive surgical procedures that require a great deal of recovery time. For these patients, we offer several noninvasive or minimally invasive procedures. Keep reading to explore some of our most popular non-surgical procedures and find out which is right for […]

Thinking of Attending a BOTOX® Party? Read This First!

We’ve seen them on TV and read about them in the news:  BOTOX® parties.  Part social affair, part medical procedure, these gatherings are raising a lot of eyebrows – and a lot of questions.  And recently, a Mayo Clinic article highlighted what’s quickly becoming the most important question of them all:  “Are BOTOX parties safe?” […]

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